Inhale. Exhale. There is peace.

After having spent four bizarre days in a busy, touristic Bridgetown it was time to turn the prow towards the oasis called LushLife Nature Resort to attend the yoga retreat (which was my primary reason for coming here in the first place). The retreat center consists of fully equipped cottages, restaurant, bar, pool and a lot of outdoor space and it can be rented by anyone any time of the year. For the next three weeks it is being rented by a lovely couple, Andrew and Vonetta, who run yoga retreats in here and of course us, the yogies from different countries. According to Andrew: "When the yoga world will start to know about this place, oh man, the center will be fully booked throughout the year." ; ) By the way: Still remember the blog posts from July 2014 where I told you about the yoga retreat in Portugal? Well, it was run by the same couple. They love what they do. They love yoga and they love people and they make people love yoga and themselves. To book your yoga retreat with them, visit: http://valedemoses.com/ : ) You won't regret.

Me. Now. Here:

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"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,
live in the moment, live in the breath." 

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  1. ooh,on kyllä kaunis paikka joogaretriitille:) Nauti!

  2. On kyllä. Ei vois paljon parempaa olla : ) Kiitos. Huomenna kotia kohti joulunviettoon !

    Ihanaa joulua Jael !!! xxx