Greetings from Barbados

Updates: THIS was my reality for last four daysCaribbean, Barbados, Bridgetown, Rio Guesthouse, turquoise sea, even more turquoise sky, golden sun, coconut and cassava, smiley people, smiling to people, talkative people, talking to people, walking, swimming, eating, drinking rum, listening to the odd birds and weird insects make a fuss in the palm trees, climbing the palm trees, embracing the air, earth, fire and water, the wind as warm as a hug of a lover.

Beaches of the St Lawrence Gap, Bridgetown

*** Story of the Pic: Baywatch-man found a butterfly-shaped seashell on the beach and when encountering this couple, asked the man: "Do you get offended if I give this to your beautiful wife?" He didn't mind. : )

RUM = That's what Caribbean is famous for !

*** Story of the Pic: At the Guesthouse, an American couple made rumpancakes in the morning and the leftovers were being dried in the sun and fed to the local birdies. Then they flew to the horizon to pass out...

Stop here to shine shine like a diamond !

So beautiful houses: Abandoned and inhabited ones!

*** Story of the Pic: I was photographing this magical castle when a local rastafarian stopped his bicycle to tell me this: "No one wants to buy this house. It is haunted." That made me want to buy it more than ever.

Thought: What a pretty house! Reality: It's a church!

Caribbean sunset --
Looks like as if
the whole globe was 
turning upside down 
right before your eyes


***  ***   ***

Quote from the wall of a local primary school:

"We teach children to 
use their minds for thinking
hands for doing and 
hearts for loving" 

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  1. Mahtavan oloinen paikka! Noista kuvista melkeinpä aistii täällä kaamoksen keskelläkin auringon lämmittämän hiekan, meren kohinan ja kummitusten hiippailun ;)

    1. Tätä meininkiä tulee vielä ikävä. Tunnen sen luissani ja ytimissäni.