Meanwhile in Finland

The Weather Forecast:

"This time of the year 
it will all be very white and 
very black by which I mean 
the kind of black that occasionally 
resembles blue, you see, and after all this 
paradoxical black-and-whiteness it will
 all turn into very comfortable
extremely comforting 
trustworthy grey"

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"The Eskimos had 
fifty-two names for snow 
because it was important to them: 
there ought to be as many 
for love." 

-Margaret Atwood


Snow. White.

My country, has been diapered in snow. Flakes as white as daydreams waft down, dancing, spiraling around their axles, competing playfully, battling in a childlike manner, eventually reaching the goal, the ground, the bushes, the rack of an undressed trampoline,  the uninhabited doghouse, the trees as pale as nude models, as stiff as soldiers at the West Bank border. Snow, has taken it all over. And I. I am just about to consider giving a thought to thinking about falling in love with winter all over, and over and over again. Head over heels.

            A Winter's Tale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyZbzKxLECE

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Inhale. Exhale. There is peace.

After having spent four bizarre days in a busy, touristic Bridgetown it was time to turn the prow towards the oasis called LushLife Nature Resort to attend the yoga retreat (which was my primary reason for coming here in the first place). The retreat center consists of fully equipped cottages, restaurant, bar, pool and a lot of outdoor space and it can be rented by anyone any time of the year. For the next three weeks it is being rented by a lovely couple, Andrew and Vonetta, who run yoga retreats in here and of course us, the yogies from different countries. According to Andrew: "When the yoga world will start to know about this place, oh man, the center will be fully booked throughout the year." ; ) By the way: Still remember the blog posts from July 2014 where I told you about the yoga retreat in Portugal? Well, it was run by the same couple. They love what they do. They love yoga and they love people and they make people love yoga and themselves. To book your yoga retreat with them, visit: http://valedemoses.com/ : ) You won't regret.

Me. Now. Here:

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"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,
live in the moment, live in the breath." 


Greetings from Barbados

Updates: THIS was my reality for last four daysCaribbean, Barbados, Bridgetown, Rio Guesthouse, turquoise sea, even more turquoise sky, golden sun, coconut and cassava, smiley people, smiling to people, talkative people, talking to people, walking, swimming, eating, drinking rum, listening to the odd birds and weird insects make a fuss in the palm trees, climbing the palm trees, embracing the air, earth, fire and water, the wind as warm as a hug of a lover.

Beaches of the St Lawrence Gap, Bridgetown

*** Story of the Pic: Baywatch-man found a butterfly-shaped seashell on the beach and when encountering this couple, asked the man: "Do you get offended if I give this to your beautiful wife?" He didn't mind. : )

RUM = That's what Caribbean is famous for !

*** Story of the Pic: At the Guesthouse, an American couple made rumpancakes in the morning and the leftovers were being dried in the sun and fed to the local birdies. Then they flew to the horizon to pass out...

Stop here to shine shine like a diamond !

So beautiful houses: Abandoned and inhabited ones!

*** Story of the Pic: I was photographing this magical castle when a local rastafarian stopped his bicycle to tell me this: "No one wants to buy this house. It is haunted." That made me want to buy it more than ever.

Thought: What a pretty house! Reality: It's a church!

Caribbean sunset --
Looks like as if
the whole globe was 
turning upside down 
right before your eyes


***  ***   ***

Quote from the wall of a local primary school:

"We teach children to 
use their minds for thinking
hands for doing and 
hearts for loving"