Long Time No See

Guess who's back? 

Yes, I am. I am back in so many ways. First of all, I am back to Finland (temporarily, though). Secondly, I am back to blogging. Yey ! Thirdly and foremostly, I am back to basics: Work, eat, sleep. Mostly sleep(walk), though.

I've been dwelling in India-memories for a week or so and thus have been physically kind of handicapped and mentally trapped in the long-term-memory storage of my mind. I know I know; Those of you who know me well, also know that I hardly have such a thing as long-term memory. But my brain is busy working on it.

Today I remember this: 


(Jaipur; Rajasthan)

(HOLI-Festival; GOA, Arambol)

Nature... Flora...

(Jaipur; Rajasthan)


(GOA: Arambol)


& Fauna...


FOOD (Oh my holy...)



True pilgrims: Walking around India 
from temple to the other 
to honor Shiva






I Mean.. Kids...

*** Jaipur: Boys had a fight over a kite and they didn't pay any attention to a lonely western woman standing by and photographing them eagerly. I picked a 10 rupee-note from my wallet (equals 0.15 euro cents) and shouted: Boysss! It was as if a blanket had been pulled off from between us as they suddenly saw me. Or more precisely: They saw the money. The boys stopped the fight and rushed towards me (=towards the note). I took a superior position and stated: No more fighting okay? Fight NO GOOD !

"Mä oon kujia kulkenut jäljissä lapsien parvet..."

"Niiden silmissä iloa ja kovan elämän arvet..."


...   ...   ...   ...

Today, I remember.  

I remember being happy in India.

***   ***   ***

Maria and POI-balls say: Namaste !
(Namaste= I see the light in you)

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