Jeju -The Island of Gods

"Jeju is known for three things: 
Magma stones, hard wind and women."

~ South-Korean Friend living in Jeju 

(View over Jeju island from the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak)

1) Magma / Lava stones (from the volcanoes)

(My Hostel: Bomnal Cafe <3) 

One of the biggest lava tubes in the world: Manjanggul

(This, is where the magma stones come from)

2) Extremely Hard Wind

(I was actually sure this wind is gonna kill me, like, literally) 

3) Women = Haenyo = Sea Women

* Jeju is famous for the female divers, who dive seafood, shells and even pearls from the ocean and sell them at the local markets. I was astonished by the mental and physical strength of these (crazy?) women who are divers in the mornings and farmers in the day time. Jeju is also generally known as a women's island. "Women rule this island. They make the decisions at domestic and institutional level and their opinions are highly respected." (- Jeju-friend (male ;))

Prey / Saalis


"I want to clarify:  I told you that Jeju is famous for women yeah?  But, I mean only the old women, not the young ones. The strength of the sea women will never be passed to the next generations. There is no one to continue this tradition as these women pass away. The next generations want it easy and this life is nowhere near to easy. Even us, the local men wonder how they can do it.

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  1. Ei kauhean herkullisen nakoista tuo saalis.

    1. Noei. Ei ollut aavistustakaan mitä se on, eivätkä kaverit osanneet englanniksi selittää. Sain selville että: Not fish. Some kind of seafood. Maybe.

  2. Mikä tuo saalis on.Ei herkullisen näköistä kuten Anu sanoo...Mahtavissa paikoissa liikut...

    1. En koskaan saanut selville. Mutta kauppa kävi rannassa tiuhaan heti kun muikit nousivat vesistä kuivalle maalle ! : )

  3. Vähän niinkuin paikallista "Myrskyluodon Maija"- meininkiä :) Kaukaa katsottuna karun kaunista, läheltä varmaan karun ankeaa.

    1. Läheltä oli nimenomaan karun kaunista ! Kylmä oli mutta kauneus oli ylitsevuotavaa.