Now go and write your own story, said the headmaster

Hi Dudes ! Just came home from the UK. 
This is what happened in last five days... 

1) Preparing for the graduation ceremony at Bayswater Hotel, London


2) Ready Steady GO Graduate !!!

Mom, bro and the newly graduated bachelor of nutrition sciences 

Thank you Google, Wikipedia and RumCoke for making THIS possible ; )

Or, actually, to be honest and not so modest: 
The hero lied in me.

Coz I was stronger than yesterday!

3) Thinker-siblings

Sometimes, thou, thinking makes us so sick that we need to stop thinking and cancel our plans of stopping somewhere to think. 

Tip 4 life: Stop thinking. Let it go. Let ur mind be. 

5) And then, walk to the horizon with ur bro. 

And remember:

Come what may ; Show must go on

***   ***   ***

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  1. Onnittelut Maama ihanainen;ja kaikkea hyvää jatkossakin:) Kivat kuvat:)