Olipa Kerran Pitkän Päivän Matka...


Ja kävi niin että: Nuuskamuikkunen rakensi itselleen kodin. Ajaksi määrittelemättömäksi. Ainakin siksi aikaa, että Bonzai-puut ehtivät kasvaa ja chilipuut tuottaa satoa.

"I wondered through cities and countries wide, 
and everywhere I went, the world was on my side."

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Jos jollekulle oli viälä epäselvää : )



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Getting Ready For India

...in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Toilet...

Spot Is On & In Again!

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Bäk. To. India. With. My. Bro. < 3

* Ohlala! Tomorrow I am heading BÄK to India. This time, however, with my brother. We will post some random pics in our blog: /http://siskojasevveli.blogspot.fi/ (sister & her bro ;))

* Huomenna: BÄK TO INTIA! Tällä kertaa veljeni Maran kanssa. Rändömiä kuvamatskua luvassa täällä: http://siskojasevveli.blogspot.fi/

Palaamme. Mo.  

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(Drawing-moment in Riga, Latvia while waiting for the youngest brother to finish his Lego-shopping)


10 + 1 Ways to Kill Time In Riga, Latvia

Surprise Surprise ! I visited Riga with my brothers last week and decided to share what I know with you. What I know is this: At first, it may seem like a big challenge to find 10 proper things to do in Riga. But you'll see for yourself that there is something. There is always something... ; )

***  10 Ways to Kill Time in Riga  ***

(...in order to avoid going absolutely bananas...)

* Location: Center of the City. At the top floor (26) of Radisson Blue Hotel. You don't have to stay in the hotel in order to use the bar. There is a beautiful view over the whole city from the top, they have perfect drinks and reasonable prices. Also possible to visit with children. No entrance fee in week days. PS. Try out the Mulled wine, Hot chocolate and Riga Coffee.

* Padlock Bridge, near to the Freedom Monument. 

* Stay here. Excellent hotel with excellent customer service, delicious food, great facilities & perfect location (just 3 minute-walk from Stockmann where the airport-bus stops).

* Very informative museum with massive war collections. Free entrance. 

* Magical Atmosphere. Try: Coffee with Riga Black Balsam.

6ii) All the Other Bars and Cafes of Riga

* OMG, how beautiful a Cafe Culture they have in Latvia!

* Seriously, a superb zoo ! Crazy creatures.  

* Erhm.. Yes, THIS is a sign of desperation..

* Airplanes and sorts of manly stuff. Location: Riga Airport.


* Walk around and around and around, see and feel and smell and taste and check out random places including ancient buildings, churches, ruins et cetera. There is plenty to discover from the archaeological and historical point of view ;)

***   ***   ***

"Kā viss dzīvē neatgadās"

(=Never, is a long time)

~Latvian Proverb


To Be Sensitive Is To Be Alive

From the Book: Yoga From the Inside Out

(Yoga from the Inside Out)

And these guys made me believe I can actually TEACH Yoga....

(My Dear Yoga Teachers from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik, India)

And My New Yogi-Friends from 16 Different Countries Played an Important Role in Making Me Believe That This. Is. It. 

"Maria, I will definitely come to your yoga class in the future!" - Friend

And This, Is The Main Goal of My Yoga Practice:

And THIS, Is Me. :)

I Am On My Way To The Golden Triangle:
Acceptance. Non-Resistance. Non-Attachment.

Be Happy. Be The Light You Want to See.

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Long Time No See

Guess who's back? 

Yes, I am. I am back in so many ways. First of all, I am back to Finland (temporarily, though). Secondly, I am back to blogging. Yey ! Thirdly and foremostly, I am back to basics: Work, eat, sleep. Mostly sleep(walk), though.

I've been dwelling in India-memories for a week or so and thus have been physically kind of handicapped and mentally trapped in the long-term-memory storage of my mind. I know I know; Those of you who know me well, also know that I hardly have such a thing as long-term memory. But my brain is busy working on it.

Today I remember this: 


(Jaipur; Rajasthan)

(HOLI-Festival; GOA, Arambol)

Nature... Flora...

(Jaipur; Rajasthan)


(GOA: Arambol)


& Fauna...


FOOD (Oh my holy...)



True pilgrims: Walking around India 
from temple to the other 
to honor Shiva






I Mean.. Kids...

*** Jaipur: Boys had a fight over a kite and they didn't pay any attention to a lonely western woman standing by and photographing them eagerly. I picked a 10 rupee-note from my wallet (equals 0.15 euro cents) and shouted: Boysss! It was as if a blanket had been pulled off from between us as they suddenly saw me. Or more precisely: They saw the money. The boys stopped the fight and rushed towards me (=towards the note). I took a superior position and stated: No more fighting okay? Fight NO GOOD !

"Mä oon kujia kulkenut jäljissä lapsien parvet..."

"Niiden silmissä iloa ja kovan elämän arvet..."


...   ...   ...   ...

Today, I remember.  

I remember being happy in India.

***   ***   ***

Maria and POI-balls say: Namaste !
(Namaste= I see the light in you)